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We're excited for our 2018 show - The Red Eye! Your support will help purchase costumes, props, music and travel expenses and more! Your donation is tax deductible: non-profit Tax ID 77-0341030

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Homestead's Winter Percussion leads the Bay Area percussion scene and has a strong national reputation!

  • 5-time World Class Finalist at the WGI Winter Percussion World Championships in Dayton, Ohio (2013-2017)
  • Homestead is 1 of 8 high schools in the country to reach world class finals each of the last 5 years
  • 6-time World Class Finalist at the WGI Western Percussion Championships in San Bernardino (2012-2017)

The Winter Percussion Program

Winter Percussion is a competitive drumming ensemble that incorporates drill movements similar to marching band and uses both marching and concert percussion instruments to perform in a gymnasium. In essence, it is a percussion-only marching unit, with a blend of theatrical elements. This activity is offered based on sufficient interest and enrollment.

It is an opportunity for percussionists to hone their drumline and front assemble skills in training from December to January and have a blast at competitions from February through April.

Photos by Masora Fukuda