Links to other great music websites
Interested in information on other music and marching topics? Check these sites!

The World of Pageantry is the West Coast's premier resource of high school pageantry and arts on the internet. It has not only "exclusive" west coast coverage but updated competition scores of every major band review and field show in California! It has as well a Discussion Group area which feature chatrooms that cover all areas of high school pageantry. Among its groups are the Drum line forum, the Colorguard forum, the Marching band forum and an area for the concert/jazz enthusiast . A special discussion group that relates to the Director and Staff member as well as Booster support groups are also found here. Also among this site's many features is the media photo gallery that again is exclusive to the West Coast high school scene. Many local Northern California as well as Southern California high school marching bands are featured here in both street competition as well as field show.
This website has everything. Links, resources, associations, publications and suppliers as well as events and scores from around our entire country, including events that we go to!
This is the official website of the Northern California Marching Band Association, of which Homestead has been a member for many years! It has everything the band student or booster parent ever wanted to know about how our competitions are judged. It includes a major section on Judging sheets and criteria for sanctioned NCBA marching band and Winter Guard competitions! Plus many other interesting facts and figures about the activity.
This is the main website for Drum Corp International. and has everything you ever wanted to know about the activity. There are also links of every major drum corps from around the world. Drum Corp International is a non-profit youth activity that one can be involved in until the age of 21. These highly competitive marching units each include about 135 high school and college age students from throughout this country and the rest of the world. These competitive units compete and do basically the same things we do on the football field; however there are no woodwinds in drum corp, only brass instruments. Typically a drum corps includes 60 to 70 brass, instruments, about 30 percussion instuments/drums, and around 30 to 35 Color Guard.
This is the site for our local drum corps, The Santa Clara Vanguard. The site tells about the corps' very rich history including the corps' six World Championship Titles. SCV has two corps: the A corp (the top group as membership is through audition only) and the Cadet Corp for less experienced marchers and colorguard personnel. It has an area for interested musicians on upcoming auditions for the 2003 season.
How could we leave out UCLAs marching band site? It would be a shame to promote a new "Links" area in our Homestead Webpage and leave out something as important as our Director John Burn's own Alma Mater!!
CMEA (California Association for Music Education): The purpose of this association is to sustain and improve music education for all children. Many of our musical ensembles (winds, strings, jazz, bands and choir) are involved throughout the year in CMEA festivals!
P.A.S. (The Percussive arts Society) for percussionists is the one website organization that brings together ALL areas of drumming percussion! This is an absolute great site for our percussionists!
Winter Guard International: This site as with DCI (Drum Corps International) in the "Summer" is an excellent central resource for all areas of performing "Winter" Colorguard units. This is a great site for our Colorguard members as the Winter season for high school, college as well as drum corp is HUGE for just the colorguard aspect of the marching band/drum corp. The Winter Guard perform very intricate routines on gymnasium floors (basketball courts). WGI has many different performing competitive levels in which Homestead has competed in in the past. Winter Guard also offers the drummers a chance to get into the act as during the winter months, in conjunction with the competing colorguards, there is competitive Indoor Percussion.
The Western Band Association is one of two marching band conferences that Homestead belongs to,the other being the NCBA (Northern California Band Conference). The WBA is one of the largest marching band circuits in the state of California with member high schools from throughout both Northern and Southern California. On this site you'll find plenty of info on the circuit's contest rules as well as an updated calendar of events for this marching season. It also has a scores area with updated scores posted after each event.