Music Boosters

Mission Statement

As Homestead Music Booster, our mission is to encourage, promote and support the activities of our school's outstanding music program for the benefit of all music students.


Welcome to the Homestead High School Music Boosters, an organization dedicated to supporting the school's highly-acclaimed music program, especially the champion Mighty Mustang Marching Band which requires hands-on efforts from band families for its continued success. A major part of our job is to encourage parents to explore and participate in the volunteer opportunities and scheduling involved in supporting a championship marching unit such as the HHS Mighty Mustang Marching Band. Your student's opportunity to participate in marching band is dependent, in part, on you volunteering to support the band's activities. Help is needed before, during and after each scheduled event. Some tasks can be completed in your home, and some will require your presence at the various functions. Anything you do will be greatly appreciated and you get the bonus of being part of one of the most exciting groups on campus! If each family does its part, the burden is shared and becomes more manageable. Participation in the marching band is a very significant commitment, but tremendously rewarding.

How You Can Help

  1. All music families are expected to be members of the Music Booster organization. Booster annual dues are $50. Membership dues are per family, not student. All students receive direct benefits from these paid dues. Your SCRIP account cannot be used to pay for membership dues.

  2. Families needing financial assistance are encouraged to obtain an official district financial assistance form from the music director's office.

  3. Buy local merchant SCRIP from a Booster representative or sign-up for e-SCRIP (see SCRIP information in this manual). While supporting the Boosters, you also can earn credit for your student's uniform, band camp, etc. and not pay a penny more than you did in "life before band".

  4. Attend the beginning of the year potluck and booster meetings to enhance communication and meet other families.

  5. Check the volunteer sign-up rosters for the various functions that are posted at the above mentioned events and VOLUNTEER! If every family volunteers at a minimum of 2 events per student, we can produce a successful marching season.

  6. Mark your calendars with times and locations of events. Then be there!

  7. Help your marcher make sure that his or her uniform is maintained and "inspection ready" BEFORE arriving at each event. This saves a volunteer from cleaning shoes or fixing a zipper in a panic at the last minute.

  8. Watch for and read your monthly Hornblower newsletter along with permission slips and information. Please return all permission slips and fees to the appropriate person and place in a timely manner.

  9. Review the student Behavior Expectation Sheet.

Please call a volunteer coordinator with any questions. Some parents are unable to attend meetings or some events, but are willing to help. PLEASE CALL if this is the case for you. We will place you in a task that fits your schedule and talents.

One word of warning: Those who have watched parades and field show competitions and experienced the positive effects gained from being a part of this group, tell us that it's addictive!

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