Do's and Don'ts

Homestead High School welcomes all of its students, parents, family, and friends to take their own photos and videos at all Homestead events. This is a rare privilege amount Class 5A Schools; many schools in Class 4A and 5A have severe restrictions, particularly around Marching Band, Winter Percussion, and Winter Guard, where stealing ideas and visuals from other schools is commonplace.

There are several important "Do's" and "Don'ts," though, that everyone needs to be mindful of:

NEVER take pictures in the dressing areas for either the Band or Guard. NO EXCEPTIONS

DO NOT take pictures in closed practices, private activities, or confined spaces where you risk making the kids (or their parents) feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. In particular, do not take pictures during Guard practices in the gym or "band quad," in sleeping areas, or around the swimming pool at band camp or other overnight trip.

DO NOT leave personally identifying information any pictures you share. Student's names on shirts, jackets, lanyards, or name tags must be blocked out using Photoshop or other photo editing software. If you aren't able to block out the names, then do not share the pictures.

DO NOT be a Shot Blocker. Be mindful of other people around you who are also trying to take pictures or videos. They want a picture of their student, too, not the back of your head or the back of your cellphone.

DO be courteous, respectful, and professional. Identify yourself to security staff or parents working an event. Ask permission before entering restricted areas. Look out around you when setting up for a shot so you don't interfere with our band, the pit crew, another band, or other photographers.

DO respect the rules of the venue. Many venues (e.g., WGI, CCGC) forbid recording of other schools, and a few (BOA) forbid photography on the field and video recording of any kind. Failure to follow the rules can result in Homestead being penalized. We have seen other bands knocked out of competition for failure to follow the rules; please don't let that happen to us.

DO wear your green HHSMB polo shirt or band jacket. This gives you more credibility as an HHSMB photographer at competitions, and identifies you to other parents and any security staff.  

DO politely ask the students to pose if you want a photograph. Most of the time, the students are happy and proud to pose with their friends.

DO introduce yourself to the students, and get to know the students’ names. They will be more likely to pose naturally for people they know.

DO stay aware of the program schedule so you don’t interfere with the scheduled activities. Event schedules usually include plenty of “down-time” when quality posed photos can be taken, but when it's time to move, every second matters.

DO take shots of many varying groups. Although the “hammy” kids (or your own kids!) are always easy to photograph, don't forget to capture the small groups of quieter kids that stay “in the corners” while waiting to compete. And look for nice shots of groups, not just individuals; students especially like pictures that include them with their friends.

DO help foster the unique sense of good will amongst competing schools at music events. Accept any opportunity to help out if another school is in a jam.