Mission Statement

The mission of Homestead High School Video/Photo team is to provide high quality video recording and photography at all Homestead Music Department events, and make that media available in a timely fashion for classroom and promotional use.

Coordinator — Job Description

The job of the Video/Photo Coordinator is to make assets  — video recordings, audio recordings, and photography — available to people who need them in a timely fashion. The key words here are available and timely. Many parents record video or shoot photos at Homestead Music Events, but never make these available to the staff or other students. Classroom instruction depends on video being available for the classroom while t.

The primary users of video and photo assets are Classroom Instruction, Standard Projects, Special Projects, and Social Engagement.
Although the job is primarily administrative, The Video/Photo Coordinator has historically also been the primary videographer.

Classroom Instruction

The goal of the Video Team is to record all “major” music department events and provide the video for use in the classroom the following school day. In addition, video of Marching Band “final runthrough” practices and football halftime performances are made available the same evening via YouTube so they can be reviewed by remote staff.

This is not always feasible. There's no expectation that parents who do not have children in a program will travel to distant events, e.g., 

Standard Projects

The following projects are done every year. These projects are normally done by the Photo/Video team:
  • Home Show Portraits: The photos are used for the Senior Gift Package.
  • Senior Portraits: A formal photo shoot, normally done the first week of April. The photos are used for the Spring Program, Spring Poster, “Year In Review” Video, and the Senior Gift Package.
  • Music Banquet “Year In Review” Video: A 20 to 30 minute video that is the centerpiece of the evening's entertainment at the annual Music Booster's Banquet. The only required element is a "salute to the class" slide show. Review the 2017 Senior Slide Show.
  • DVD / BluRay Sales:
The following projects are usually done by volunteers from outside the Video/Photo team. All of these projects, however, require specific assets that require planning months in advance.
  • Band Manual: A 40-page book provided to all band members and parents at the beginning of the school year. Requires photos of the previous year's performing ensembles.
  • Home Show Poster: A marketing poster produced several weeks before the show. Requires photos of the current year's field show. This poster from 2013 is an example.
  • Volunteer Slide Show: A slide show that is shown during the annual volunteer's potluck dinner. Requires from 100 to 200 photos of volunteers at work. The photographers need to be reminded throughout the season to take photos of the volunteers as well as the students.
  • Winter Home Show Poster: A marketing poster produced several weeks before the show. Requires photos of current year's Winter Percussion and Winter Guard Shows.
  • Spring Concert Poster: A marketing poster produced several weeks before the concerts. Requires full-stage photos of every performing ensemble, plus portraits of each of the 4 to 6 senior soloists that year. Uses the same photos as the Spring Program, below.
  • Spring Program: A “yearbook” for the music department that is sold as a fundraiser at the Spring Concerts. This is the biggest project of the year. Requires full-stage photos each performing ensemble, individual photos of each of the graduating seniors, individual photos of the staff, and as many “candid” photos as the book designer can fit in.
  • Senior Gift Package / DVD: 

Special Projects

From time to time, staff or students may request help with special projects. Staff special projects have include submission packages for events, presentations to the FUHSD board. Student Projects most commonly are for class. Student projects ; in many cases, all that is required is to ensure the student has access and no one gets in their way.
  • In 2014, a half-hour DVD featuring all of Homestead's musical ensembles was included in a "gift basket" for members of the Fremont Union High School District Board.
  • In 2016, a 5-minute video and a number of stills were submitted to the Tournament Of Roses committee.

Social Engagement

Public YouTube Postings

Events By Group

Marching Band

Marching Band is Homestead's largest performing ensemble, with 200 to 250 members. The band is composed of four units, Winds, Color Guard, Battery (a.k.a. Drumline), and Front Ensemble (a.k.a. The Pit). These four units usually warm up and practice separately, then come together for Full Ensemble practices or performance. The units may also break up into smaller units (e.g., Winds often break up into Brass and Woodwinds) or sections (like Trumpets, Mellophones, Flutes, Clarinets, etc.).

Marching practices begin in July. The season usually ends in December, but may stretch into January for special events, as was done in 2016 for Super Bowl 50. The important 
  • Parent Show:
  • FUHSD Band Expo: The bands of the Fremont Union High School District and one guest band perform for each other. Location rotates among the schools. Past guests have included Santa Teresa and Clovis West High Schools. Video of all bands is usually recorded by the host school.
  • Marching Tournaments: 
  • Homecoming:
  • Western Band Association (WBA) Tournaments: 
  • Bands Of America (BOA) Tournaments:
  • Fall Home Show:
  • Marching Championships: The competition season closes out with a finals. state-level (WBA) or national-level (BOA)
  • Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade:
  • Post-Season:
Video Restrictions: Caution: Most Class 5A and many Class 4A bands do not allow video of their band to be shared publicly. Homestead is atypical in this respect; we generally start sharing video at Band Expo. Recording and sharing other bands is a no-no, unless we have received permission. WBA generally has no restrictions on recording or sharing video, except at finals. BOA has strict rules regarding video: each band receives one videographer pass, which can be used only for educational and archive recordings of their own band.

Historically, Homestead has recorded a large number of other bands, often by request. These include all the FUHSD bands, Amador Valley, Santa Teresa, Branham, Dublin, Los Altos, and Foothill High Schools. We have also filled and/or collaborated with the videographers from other bands, notably Los Gatos, Saratoga, Mountain View, Clovis West, and Ayala (often with the caveat that the video was not to be shared). 


The Orchestras at Homestead include String Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra (audition required), and Symphony Orchestra (String Orchestra plus select winds). The program runs for the entire school year. Key events:
  • Orchestra Exchange Concert (early November): The orchestras of Homestead, Gunn, and Prospect High Schools perform for each other. Instructional video only.
  • Winter Pops:
  • Homestead Orchestra Festival:
  • CMEA Band and Orchestra Festival:
  • Spring Concert:
  • Special Invitations:


Wind Bands

The Wind Bands at Homestead include Concert Band (all 9th graders)Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble (audition required). In recent years, the Wind Ensemble has been split into two groups, called Wind Ensemble 1 and Wind Ensemble 2. Key events include:
  • Winter Pops Concert: Second Thursday in December. Two identical concerts at 6pm and 8pm.
  • Band Exchange Concert: The Concert Bands and Symphonic Bands of the FUHSD schools perform for each other. Location rotates annually (2017 is at Homestead). Typically the host schools records the performance for everyone.
  • CMEA Band and Orchestra Festival:
  • Spring Concert:
  • Graduation: All Wind Band members who are not graduating combine


The Homestead Jazz ensemble practices and performs throughout the school year. Unlike the Wind Bands and Orchestra, the Jazz Ensemble is purely an extra-curricular activity.

Key Events:
  • College of San Mateo Jazz Festival:
  • Winter Pops Concert:
  • CMEA Jazz Festival:
  • Reno Jazz Festival:
  • Spring Concert:

Winter Percussion / Winter Guard

Winter Percussion and Winter Guard pick up where Marching Band ends, starting practices in December and performing through championship competition in April. The core of both groups come from Marching Band: Winter Percussion from the drumline and front ensemble; Winter Guard from the Color Guard. Recently, there has been enough interest to form two Winter Guard squads, called Varsity and J.V.

Video Restrictions: Warning: Theft of visuals is rampant in Winter Percussion and Winter Guard. For this reason, we do not publicly share any video until after a season is complete. In addition, the Northern California Percussion Alliance, California Color Guard Circuit, and Winter Guard International have strictly enforced rules on video recording. Bands caught recording other school's bands can have their scores penalized.

Events By Month

Major events that are open to the public are highlighted in bold. Major events for which complete video is expected are highlighted in red.

August Band Camp: A popular time for still photography

Parent Show and Potluck:

September Football Games: The Marching Band performs at all home football games, including pep music before and during the game, the "traditional pregame entrance" and National Anthem to open the game, and the Field Show at Halftime.

October FUHSD Marching Band Expo (First Saturday): The bands of the Fremont Union High School District and one guest band perform for each other. Location rotates among the schools. Past guests have included Santa Teresa and Clovis West High Schools. Video of all bands is usually recorded by the host school and published to YouTube and then deleted after the season.

Cupertino Tournament of Bands (Second Saturday): The first competitive marching even of the season, and the only one in which Homestead participates that includes both street and field marching. Video of the parade and field show is normally published to YouTube; the field show video is deleted after the season.


WBA and BOA Marching Tournaments:

November Fall Home Show: The Marching Band, Color Guard, and Equestriettes perform

Orchestra Exchange Concert:

College of San Mateo Jazz Festival:

Marching Championships: The marching band's season ends with either the WBA Finals (a full weekend event, usually in Fresno) or the BOA Grand Nationals (a full week in Indianapolis). These are the culmination of the entire season's work and a must for the best photo and video coverage we can provide.

December Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade: A nighttime public parade through downtown Los Altos that includes a wide variety of floats, acts, and local bands. Homestead considers this an outreach program, "giving back" to the community and creating interest in music among the many young parade watchers. This is a social event only; there is no instructional component. Watch the 2016 video.

Winter Pops Concerts: Four days of evening concerts at Homestead, including Choir, Jazz, Winds, and Orchestras. The music is often holiday themed. For many students this is their first performance of the year.

January January has historically been a quiet month for the music department, but the exceptions have been spectacular: in 2016, 80 members of the marching band performed for Super Bowl 50; in 2018, the band will march in the Tournament of Roses Parade.

February Major Work Concert: The Advanced Choir and select orchestra members combine to perform a major choral work, such as a cantata or oratorio. In 2012 the Choir and Chamber Orchestra performed Pergolesi's "Magnificat"; in 2014 Homestead combined with the De Anza Chorale to perform Handle's “Israel In Egypt.” The video has historically sold poorly on DVD, but done extremely well on YouTube.

CMEA Jazz Festival
: The Jazz Ensemble performs in competition at a San Jose-area high school. Exact date and time varies. 

Concert Band Exchange: The Concert and Symphonic Bands of the FUHSD schools perform for each other. Location rotates. Typically recorded by the hosting school, used instructionally only.

Homestead Orchestra Festival
: An adjudicated but non-competitive two-day orchestra festival hosted at Homestead; participants include middle and high school orchestras from across Northern California. Most of the pieces performed will be performed again so CMEA, so video recording is ad hoc and for instructional use.

Saratoga Winds Exchange Concert: The Wind Ensembles of various local schools perform for each other, with a final work performed by the combined ensembles. Recorded ad hoc for instructional use.

March Winter Home Show: Winter Percussion and Winter Guard perform the competition shows at Homestead. Some years have included guest bands, such as Fremont or Saratoga.

CMEA Area V Band and Orchestra Festival: All six bands and orchestras perform in competition. Dates, times, and locations vary; common locations include Saratoga, Gunn, Santa Teresa, and Prospect High Schools.

April Senior Photo Shoot

CCGC Championships

NCPA Championships:

WGI Guard Grand Nationals:

WGI Percussion Grand Nationals:

May Spring Concert Series: 5 days of evening concerts at Homestead. These are the final performances of the year, including virtuoso performances by four to six seniors.

Music Boosters Banquet:

CMEA State Band and Orchestra Festival

June Baccalaureate: An more somber and reflective celebration held two days before Graduation. Historically held in a church; more recently in the Field House. Features a number of small musical group performances, including choir. Recorded on an ad hoc basis.

Graduation: A band composed of all non-senior band members performs before and after commencement. Never formally recorded.

Summer Special Tours: Advanced musical ensembles (Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Advanced Choir) may travel to a major event in late June or July. Past tours have included Melbourne, New York City, and Vienna. Photo and video has been handled by participating parent volunteers.

Carl S. Gutekunst,
May 5, 2017, 10:56 PM
Carl S. Gutekunst,
May 5, 2017, 10:56 PM