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12-03 HHSMB Blast Dec 3

Winter Concerts!


Come see Homestead’s outstanding Bands, Choirs and Orchestra at their Annual Winter Concerts.

            Winter Choir Concert

Wednesday, December 4th, 7:30 P.M.

Homestead Auditorium


Winter Jazz Exchange Concert – Homestead, Gunn, & Acalanes

Thursday, December 5th, 7 P.M.  

Homestead Auditorium


Winter Pops Orchestra Concert

Wednesday, December 11th, 7:30 P.M.

Homestead Auditorium


Winter Pops Band Concert

Thursday, December 12th, 6 P.M. and 8 P.M.  ç TWO SHOWS!

Homestead Auditorium


Admission to these concerts is free, but we gladly accept donations ($5 suggested donation)!


Contact Vicki Feltman at if you have questions.




Because we record every concert performance, we need to make sure the auditorium doors stay shut when students are singing and/or playing.  Door monitors sit in the auditorium where they can see and near performers.  They get up to push open the auditorium doors between pieces of music.


Door monitors should arrive by 20 minutes before the concert starts to get into position.


Please check volunteer spot if you can help as a door monitor for any of these concerts.





  • All concerts are mandatory and students are expected to participate.  Parents must let Mr. Burn know IN WRITING if students will not be attending.
  • All students and members of the audience are expected to arrive before the concert begins and stay for the entire concert.  It is impolite and disruptive to other groups for any audience member (including adults) to leave in the middle of a performance.
  • The following is the appropriate concert attire:

·         At formal performances such as adjudicated festivals and formal concerts,  students are to wear the following:

o   Boys:

§  Black dress shoes, dark socks, black pants (no jeans), white button-up collared shirt, black tie and black sport coat. If a coat is unavailable, a black sweater is ok, but no sweatshirts or black shirts please.

    • Girls:
      • Preferred: Long black dress with shoulders covered, cap sleeves or longer, black hose and shoes.
      • Ok: Black skirt knee length or longer, or black dress pants, with black top with shoulders covered, cap sleeves or longer, black hose and shoes.
      • Not Ok: T-shirts, sweatshirts, or tennis shoes.
      • Rule of thumb for girls’ formal concert attire: the less skin showing, the better.





1)    When you are sitting on stage, the audience is sitting BELOW you, affording them a very unflattering view if you think you’ll look cool/cute/breathtaking in an ultra short mini.  Sometimes those unflattering views find their way to Facebook and other social sites.

2)    Mrs. Feltman will be taking note of your attire when you file into the lobby, and she will have a supply of roomy black cardigans, black uniform pants and marching band shoes and socks if you can’t figure out on your own what is appropriate concert attire.


County Honor Band Applications


The Santa Clara County Honor Band is comprised of the most advanced band students from over 20 high schools in our county. Homestead has a long reputation of being very well represented in this band and students are encouraged (HIGHLY ENCOURAGED) to participate. The audition date is Friday, December 13th. Interested students must bring their completed application forms (including student and parent signatures) to Mr. Burn by Monday, December 9th.  Mr. Burn will take care of the band director signature and principal signatures.   Go to the Santa Clara County Band Director’s Association website at Audition Info.  Click on Application under Honor Band Audition Requirements.  There are copies of the application form on the document sorter next to the band office.  See Mr. Burn or Mr. Weingartner for audition details before Friday.





Parents and students, it’s that time of the year, when we reap the benefits of all the hard work our performers have put in, attending rehearsals and practicing on their own.


Please read the following “Concert Etiquette Reminders” so you know what to expect at all of our concerts.  These rules apply to both choral and instrumental performances (just substitute the word ‘choir’  or ‘orchestra’ wherever you see the word ‘band’ below)


Concert Etiquette Reminders *

  1. Remain seated and do not talk while the band is playing.


  1. Please turn off pagers, cell phones, and watch alarms.


  1. If you have a child who might get noisy, please sit near the aisle and take them out immediately if a problem develops.


  1. Do not enter or leave while a band is performing unless removing a noisy child.


  1. Please do not wave at your child during the performance.


  1. While the band is performing, please do not walk down the center aisle with a video camera/phone.


  1. If you have a bad cough, please secure lozenges before the performance starts.  We are recording the concert.


  1. Please do not leave until all of the bands have performed.



* Excerpt from “Rude People”, by Trey Reely, in The Instrumentalist, December 2010




Please note, due to concert-related tasks, the band room/band office will only be available until 4:30 pm for the rest of this week and next week! 

The band room will be locked after 7th Period December 16th-19th (Finals Week)

The band room will be closed December 20th thru January 3rd (Holiday Break).