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11-25 HHSMB Blast Nov 25

Please remember, all practices and performances are mandatory and affect your grade.  Please contact Mr. Burn by email immediately if your student will be absent.




The following is the band room/band office availability for November.

November 26th, the band room/band office will be open until 4 pm – CLOSED AT 4 for piano tuning

The band room and band office will be closed at 2:30 pm Wednesday, November 27th (holiday schedule).

We will be closed all day on November 28th and 29th due to Thanksgiving.

Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade Sunday, December 1st

The Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade is the final event of the marching band season.  It occurs the Sunday after Thanksgiving.   Our marching band decorates itself in lights and joins in a celebration of the holiday season.   The many families lining the streets of Los Altos have always enjoyed seeing our band participate.

You are encouraged to decorate yourself and instrument with lights!  There will be strings of lights available during uniform pick up for you to check out for the night.   They must be returned with your uniforms after the parade.

2:00 pm           Tubas and drums load trailer at Homestead.  NO Stands; there won’t

                        be time for a full percussion warmup and no one to carry your

                        stands when you are done.  
                        All other marchers, pick up your instruments, hat in hat box, uniform in

                        Garment bag, lights described above (check them out from uniform mom)

4:15 pm           Band room will be locked with no access until we get back

                        from the parade - no exceptions

4:45 pm           Tubas and drums – pick up instruments at the trailer parked in the

Los Altos Grill Parking lot near the corner of San Antonio and Fourth Street.   Grab your instruments ONLY; NO CASES OR STANDS  and walk to the staging area.

5:00 pm           All other band members and color guard - proceed to the band

                        staging area in the parking lot across the street from Safeway,

between Second Street and Third Street. Students can be dropped

off on the corner of Third and Edith, where they can walk down

Third to the parking lot. Or, you can park at the end of the parade route (Third and Whitney) and walk up Third to the parking lot.

Arrive fully dressed in uniform with hat, instrument, and lights.


Leave your instrument cases and personal belongings locked in your cars. There is ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE TO STORE YOUR BELONGINGS AT THE WARM UP SITE.  I don’t know how else to say, do not bring cases, or boxes, or bags, or anything else.   We cant store it, we cant hold it for you.  Once you leave the staging area, you will not return to that spot.   You will be out of luck. 

Full band begin warm-up in uniform

6:00 pm           Parade begins. We are entry number 19 towards the beginning

                        of the parade!
6:30 pm           Approximate time Homestead finishes parade

Band goes to horse trail to de-plume.

Tubas and drums load trailer with instruments.

Tubas and percussion return to Homestead to unload



Band room will be open until 9:30 pm to allow marchers to drop off uniforms and instruments.



Maps of the parade route and staging/warm-up area can be found in the HHSMB Web site.





Uniform carts will be rolled out near the percussion studio between 8:30 am and 9 am.  Drop off your garment bags and hat boxes with uniforms and hats intact if you do not do so Sunday evening.  Contact Vicki Feltman at if any questions.

reminder – pe band students go to pe monday morning first period

Marching season ends with the Festival of Lights parade.  Those enrolled in PE Band should report to PE on Monday morning.