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10-23 HHSMB Blast Oct 23

Please remember, all practices and performances are mandatory and affect your grade.  Please contact Mr. Burn by email immediately if your student will be absent.



DRESS CODE FOR PRACTICE – everyone in your section should wear the same color shirt!  Section leaders, please coordinate


9am-12:30 pm            Morning block

12:30-1:30 pm            Lunch break on own

1:30-5  pm                   Afternoon block

5-6 pm                                    Dinner break on own

6-8:30 pm                   Evening block

                                    Full run through with lights and props the last 15 minutes!



Band and Guard students will take their official yearbook group photo on Monday, October 28th.  Students arrive at 8 am, get into uniform, and head to the stadium for pictures.  


8 am    Students arrive with Black Shoes, Black Socks, Gloves – yes, we CAN see

            Your shoes and socks in the picture.

Get into uniform.   No hats, no instruments, except for tubas and drum line.

Hats with plumes will be provided to students standing in strategic locations

in the picture.

Guard, wear field show costumes.  You are included in the full marching

band photo and will also take a separate group photo, guard only.

Picture order forms can be found on the table near the whiteboard.  Parents, orders must be handed in at the time pictures are taken, so make sure you have your student bring home an order form BEFORE the 28th or make sure you come pick up an order form before then.   Also, please discuss with your student if you want them to take individual and/or buddy pictures.   There were a few last year who didn’t know you paid for those extras, and some who absolutely refused to take them even though you paid for it.  Don’t waste the money or our time if they don’t care to do it.

A copy of the order envelope can be found in the HHSMB website under forms, so you know the pricing.  You can send a check, made payable to “Lifetouch Sports” for the total amount of photo packages ordered, and trust your student to complete the order envelope correctly if you don’t get an envelope before picture day.

Please look in volunteer spot for opportunities to help out Monday morning, with uniforms, crowd control, and order handling.

Please contact me at if you have any questions.


fresno room lists will be posted saturday morning



The following is the band room/band office availability for October:
When there are Monday night and Wednesday night practices, the band office will be open until 8:30 pm.  

Tue and Thurs the band room/band office will be open until 6 pm, except Thursday, October 31st (Halloween).   The band room and band office will be closed at 4 pm.

On non-game Friday’s the band room/band office will be open until 5 pm.
On Saturdays, the band room/band office will be open from 9am-5pm when we have all day practices.