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06-11 HHSMB Blast Jun 6

carolina crown at homestead june 22nd!!


Yes, THAT Carolina Crown.  Number 2 behind Blue Devils at last year’s DCI Finals!


They will be spending the night at Homestead and rehearsing before the Stanford DCI Show on Saturday, June 22nd.


The following is their schedule for the day, and we get front row seats to watch their rehearsal!


10 AM             Warmup

10:45 AM-1:30 PM Rehearsals in stadium and practice fields


Here is your chance to watch a world class drum corp preparing for competition, up close and personal.  


And it’s FREE!!!


Contact Vicki Feltman at if you have any questions.



have you sent in your band forms?


You know, you really don’t have to wait until June 28th to turn in your forms.   It would make our lives easier if we could start processing them now instead of later.   Thank you to those who have already delivered their forms to me!


We haven’t received anything in the Music Boosters Mail box yet, so please contact me if you sent your packet in, and we’ll track it down.   Just in case you misplaced the address:



1669 Hollenbeck Ave. #2-222

Sunnyvale, CA 94087


You can also drop off your packets in Mrs. Feltman’s Mailbox, located in the Band Room Office.    The band room will be open until 6:30 pm tonight (Tuesday), and between 1- 4 PM on Wednesday and between 6:30 AM and 6:30 PM on Thursday and Friday this week.    Check below for next week’s band room availability.


I have also been reminded by parents of incoming freshmen that not everyone knows where the band room is on campus.   The Music Building (Building E) is the building closest to the corner of Homestead Road and Mary Ave, which is the Homestead Faculty Parking Lot.   The main door into the band room is green and on the wall facing the parking lot driveway.




(Vicki Feltman)


Instruments are now available for check out.  Please complete and have ready an instrument check out form, found on the music booster website, , under Forms.   Please include a check for $50, made payable to HHSMB. 


            Please note, you may be charged the cost of a replacement instrument, which can be thousands of dollars, if you do not turn in your school instruments next week.


Contact Vicki Feltman at if you have questions.



SUMMER band room availability


The band room will be open on the following days and times next week:


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays June 18-20, from 1pm-4pm  


Section Leaders and Field Staff -  please contact Vicki Feltman at if you wish to schedule rehearsals in the band room during the summer on days and times not covered above.