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10-23 Disney Details


(Vicki Feltman)


Finally, the information you've been craving. 

We did not have any kind of details until Monday afternoon.  But here they are.


All questions should be directed to me at 

First off, the Disney folk liked our audition tape so much, they have asked us to perform a stand still performance before marching in the parade.  We will now be performing the music from Poseidon's Dream in Disneyland, on Main Street, just below the Main Street Train Station, then marching down Main Street to It's A Small World.  Not every band is offered the chance to perform in concert!  The last time Homestead was honored with this was the year we played Rhapsody in Blue for our field show!




This is our first OVERNIGHT trip.  If you forget anything, you’re out of luck unless you can get your parents to drive to Anaheim to bring your things.  Please remember the following points:

The emergency contact phone number will be 408-483-0861 (Vicki Feltman’s cell)


1)    You and 5 other individuals will be sharing two queen sized beds and a sofa sleeper.

2)    No radios or boom boxes are allowed (mp3, iPods, etc., with headphones, are acceptable). 

3)    Everyone is expected to respect others and their belongings.

4)    Everyone in your room must be present before room keys will be given to you, so make sure you all find each other and arrive as a group to collect your keys.  Do not yell out or announce your room number in a public place.  You can never tell what stranger might be listening.

5)    Students MUST stay in groups of 3 or more AT ALL TIMES, including going to bathrooms at competition, during free time, and in the hotel.  This is for safety reasons.  If anything should happen to anyone, one person can go get help while one stays behind with the injured party. 

6)    ROOM RULES – when visiting, there must be three or more in the room, with the door left ajar.  Keep voices low since there are other people staying in rooms next to you who are not part of our group. 

7)    We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all medication, inhalers, Epipens, and emergency type paraphernalia be handed to Vicki Feltman Thursday evening between 3:30 and 6 pm, unless students need them during the school day.  We want medications available on the bus in case of emergencies, and with us when we are away from the hotel.  It won’t do your student any good to have inhalers sitting in their suitcase when we are an hour away at competition. 


We will check with students as they get on the bus if we are missing anyone’s medication.   Parents will be called to deliver their student’s meds if we find them missing, which means catching up with us at the Firebaugh Exit rest stop, or Button Willow, or our hotel destination in Santa Ana.  In other words, make sure your student has their medications.  It will all be bagged and identified (or you can make our lives easier by bagging and writing your names and dosage on the bags). 

8)    No smoking, no alcohol, no illegal drugs.

9)    No inappropriate sexual behavior.


All students and parents signed a behavior agreement at the beginning of the school year acknowledging compliance with rules of conduct.  Anyone caught smoking, drinking, in the possession of illegal drugs, or demonstrating inappropriate behavior will be sent home IMMEDIATELY and at the expense of the student’s parents, in addition to possible suspension from school and expulsion from marching band.




1)    Please contact Vicki Feltman at if your student will NOT be on the bus going to Disneyland, or if your student will NOT be coming back on the bus on Monday.  We don’t want to waste time waiting for someone who won’t show up at bus departure. 

2)    If you are picking up your student, we want to make eye contact with both parent and student before you leave, so that we make sure everyone has hooked up; we would hate to have a student THINK their parent was picking them up, only to have them end up stranded in Southern California after everyone else left.  If you do not show up by the time the buses are ready to leave, your student will be going home on the bus.  We will not hold up the buses waiting for your arrival.




1)    PACK YOUR INSTRUMENT/EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING EXTRA REEDS, OIL, GREASE, whatever you need to keep your instrument playable for the entire weekend.

2)    PACK YOUR SHOE BAG WITH 3 PAIRS CLEAN BLACK SOCKS, 2 COLLARLESS SHIRTS to wear under your uniform jacket and 2 pairs of boxer shorts since you will be changing outside and along with everyone else before your performance.

3)    PACK YOUR SUITCASE with toiletries for THREE nights in a hotel.  Bring enough clothing for three days.

4)    PACK YOUR green band shirt, guard shirt and/or field show shirt – you are representing HHS and should therefore be in band/guard attire when not in uniform.

5)    Pack your pep band jacket or field show sweatshirt.  It can be chilly in the evening.

6)    Bring money for a quick dinner on Friday, a Disneyland lunch and dinner on Sunday, and a quick lunch Monday (you will be responsible for buying your own lunch twice and your own dinner twice).  Figure between $10-$15 per meal. Bring extra spending money for your day in Disneyland.




Bring your suitcases and leave them in the band room in the area near the piano, within the area marked with blue tape.  Classes will be held throughout the day, so keep your belongings within the boundaries.  Guard members can hang their costumes on the garment rack provided.


3:30 p.m.                    Load buses – make sure you go to the bathroom before boarding

                                    the bus.  The first rest stop will be 2 hours later.  By law, we

                                    cannot allow anyone to use the bathroom on the bus when it is in


5:30 p.m.                    Firebaugh exit rest stop     

7:30 p.m.                    Button Willow dinner stop –

                                    Fast Foods (McDonald’s, Carl’s Junior, Subway)

12:00 a.m.                  Arrive at Embassy Suites Santa Ana

                                    1325 East Dyer Road Santa Ana, CA 92705

(714) 241-3800

Get room key from designated chaperone.  Remember:  everyone in your group must be present before room keys are distributed.

12:30 a.m.                  Bed Check – chaperones will make announcements

All roommates must be in your room.  Once bed check is completed, you are not allowed to leave your room until breakfast in the morning.  Get your ice and vending machine runs done BEFORE bed check.   If you need assistance after bed check, call Mrs. Feltman or your bed check chaperone.  You may dial Mrs. Feltman’s room number which will be given to you, or you may call her cell phone at 408-483-0861.






-       Instruments

-       Shoe bag with CLEAN marching shoes and Clean BLACK socks

-       Band jacket or field show sweatshirt

-       Green Band shirt, guard shirt, field show shirt

-       Money for concessions after changing out of uniform (optional)



8:30 a.m.        Rise, hotel breakfast

10:00 am        Load buses to practice at Tustin HS        

                        1171 El Camino Real Tustin, CA 92780

12:30 am        load buses, eat on bus to Glendora

1:30 p.m.        Arrive at Glendora

1000 West Foothill Boulevard Glendora, CA 91741

unload, use the bathrooms

get into uniform

2:15 p.m.        walk to warm-up area

2:50 p.m.        warm-up                                                       

4:00 p.m.        Perform Poseidon’s Dream for Prelims

4:15 p.m.       Return to stadium to watch other performances

4:45 p.m.        Award presentation

5:00 p.m.        Get out of uniforms, eat dinner

5:30 pm          TBD depending on prelim standing

7:45 pm          Finals begin

11:00 pm        Load buses, return to hotel

11:30 pm        Bed Check   






-       Instruments

-       Shoe bag with CLEAN marching shoes and Clean BLACK socks

-       Band jacket or field show sweatshirt

-       Green Band shirt, guard shirt, field show shirt

-       Money for lunch and dinner in Disneyland/California Adventure (money for shopping is optional)


9:00 a.m.        Rise, hotel breakfast

10:00 a.m.      Board bus to Disneyland Back stage

Special note: When back stage at Disneyland, absolutely no cameras, no cell phones.   They will be confiscated if visible or in use, and you might not get them back.

12:45 pm        Standstill concert on Main Street!

12:55 p.m.      Parade from Main Street to It’s a Small World!

1:05 p.m.        Return to back stage, change

1:30 pm          Load buses, drive to Pinocchio Friends and Family parking lot

2:00 pm          You will have NO access to the bus while in Disneyland, so bring your

                        jacket, money, purses, etc. with you when you leave the bus.  You will be

            given your Park Hopper Pass when you exit the bus.  Keep it in a safe

place.  It will not be replaced if it gets lost when you decide to act silly

and wave your pass around as you ride the tram to the park entrance.  It

will also not be replaced it you are foolish enough to hold it in your hand

or keep it in your shallow pants pocket as you hang upside down on a

ride in California Adventure.  I mention these things because students in

prior years did not heed this warning.


·         Enjoy Freetime - Groups of THREE or MORE.   You must have either a working cell phone or an adult member of our travel group with you at all times.  Ditching members of your group is not acceptable.  For example, if someone needs to go to the bathroom, you do not leave them there.  You wait for them.  Period.


Anyone found alone will keep Mrs. Feltman company on the

bench near the Main Street Train Station until a group comes along that

they can join.

4:30 pm          Check in time #1. You must either physically check in with Mrs. Feltman,

                        who will be sitting on a bench on Main Street, where the stand still concert

                        took place, or you must call her cell phone at 408-483-0861.

7:30 pm          Check in time #2. You must either physically check in with Mrs. Feltman,

                        who will be sitting inside the entrance of California Adventure, or you

must call her cell phone at 408-483-0861


Mrs. Feltman will come looking for you and have you sit with her if you do

not check in.


Note – there will be a little surprise for anyone who physically checks in

with Mrs. Feltman at either check in time.  She gets a little lonely sitting

there by herself.

10:00 p.m.      Board bus home.  BE ON TIME.  ALLOW FOR TRAM TRAFFIC



10:30 pm        Bed-Check






-       Money for lunch

-       All of your belongings


9:00 a.m.        Rise, hotel breakfast

10:00 a.m.      Be in your rooms ALL PACKED and ready to be excused by

chaperones.  Your room will be skipped if you are still packing when

the chaperone arrives.  Your room will be skipped if all of your roommates are not in your room and ready to go.

10:30 a.m.      Board bus home

1:30 p.m.        Button Willow Lunch Stop

6:00 p.m.        Approximate time of arrival at HHS