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10-10 HHSMB Blast Oct. 10


October 10, 2012


Parents, please contact Mr. Burn immediately by email if your student is missing any practice, football game, or performance, regardless of the reason.    Your student’s grade can be affected by absences.


Video from Band Expo is here:

[PLEASE NOTE: New videos will be uploaded as the season progresses. As requested by the Band Directors, early-season shows (like Band Expo and TOB) are deleted three to four weeks after performance.]



-       Schedule for Saturday’s Tournament of Bands

-       Tournament of Bands Spectator Information

-       Concession Pre-Order Form for October 19th game due October 17th

-       Roommate lists for Disneyland trip to be posted tomorrow, October 11th

-       Roommate requests for Fresno list due October 17th

-       Adult rooms available for Fresno trip



-       HHS Marching Band and Color Guard Home Show is November 3rd

-       Scrip news

-       Band Room availability

-       2012/2013 Music Department Calendar




Wednesday, October 10th     

    5:30 – 8:30 – Full Band practice, including Percussion and Color Guard**

                8:15-8:45pm – Scrip sales next to staff parking lot

Thursday, October 11th

    Roommate lists for Disneyland trip will be posted

Saturday, October 13th – CUPERTINO TOURNAMENT OF BANDS  

                9:00am – Students to meet at uniform truck at Cupertino High

                11:30am – HHS to perform in Parade competition

                1:30pm – Full band rehearsal at HHS

                5:15pm – Students to meet at uniform truck at Cupertino High

                7:45pm – HHS to perform Poseidon’s Dream

Monday, October 15th

                NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, October 17th     

    Roommate selections for Fresno trip are due

    Adult checks for Fresno trip are due

    Concession pre-order forms are due

    5:30 – 8:30 – Full Band practice, including Percussion and Color Guard**

                8:15-8:45pm – Scrip sales next to staff parking lot


** Practice times subject to change.  Please check your emails.






(Vicki Feltman)
8:00 am Tubas and percussion meet at Homestead to help load truck

All band members and Colorguard  take your instruments and equipment home after the school Friday!!!


Saturday morning, the band room will be locked up at 8:30 am with no further access until after the parade. 
9:00 am
 Meet at truck at Cupertino High School with your CLEAN instrument, hair supplies, shoe bag, gloves, CLEAN BLACK socks, CLEAN marching shoes – Homestead's truck will be along the back fence near the baseball diamond. There are several maps on the Cupertino TOB website showing the parade route, designated areas for each band at CHS (the truck) and directions to Cupertino High School itself.  Go to their excellent website at:
- Allow extra time to get to Cupertino High School.  Stevens Creek and Finch Ave will be closed to traffic at 9 am when the parade begins.  You’ll need to park at Cupertino Square (Vallco) near Sears, and walk to CHS with your shoe bag and instrument.  The sidewalks will be congested with parade spectators.

- Get in uniform.

- See band moms and solve any uniform issues before 9:30

- Shoes and instrument should be neat and clean!! Bring TWO pairs of clean black socks, one pair for parade and the other for field show!!  

- You will be walking a fair distance in those shoes: apply band aids, extra socks or whatever to prevent blisters. 

- Do not wear jewelry, of any kind.  No watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.

Make-up in subdued colors only.   If your hair is below your collar, get it under control so that it will stay up under the hat.   

9:30 Begin parade march warm up
10:40 Leave staging area
11:05 Step off time
11:30 Homestead in Competition area
Homestead finishes parade at Cupertino HS. Load truck and put uniforms away neatly on uniform cart. Take shoe bags home to get another pair of CLEAN BLACK socks and to make sure your shoes are CLEAN.  Take instruments with you for afternoon practice.   Leave nothing behind.
1:30 Meet at Homestead HS field for full band rehearsal
3:45 Tubas and Percussion help load truck – Dinner Break
5:15 Arrive back at Cupertino HS – change into uniform & begin field show warm up
7:15 Finish warm up – march to stadium
7:30 Homestead in Stand by area
7:45 Homestead performs Poseidon’s Dream!
 Stay in stadium for awards ceremony

8:45 Change out of uniform.  Put garment bags in carts NEATLY

        Tubas and Percussion help load truck 
        Take your personal belongings, including shoe bags and instruments, home with you.
9:15 Tubas, percussion, and drum majors help unload truck at Homestead




(Vicki Feltman)


Please note, the entrance to the Cupertino High School stadium is accessed from Finch Avenue, on the west side of the stadium.  

Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at the information table in back of the judges stand on Stevens Creek Blvd, or at the gate after it opens at 4:00 PM. 




(Leissa Hartlage)


Another home football game is coming up soon - Homecoming is Friday, October 19th. Want your student to have some food before the dance? The deadline for the concession pre-order form is Wednesday, October 17th at 8:30PM.

The form can be downloaded from the HHSMB website at - go to the Forms page and download the Concession Pre-Order Form.


Please return the completed Concession Pre-Order Form, along with a check, to

Ms. Vicki Feltman’s box.  You may place an order for one or more football games at any time.


As a reminder, pre-order food tickets will be found in the marchers' hat boxes AFTER they have performed their half time show. PIT and TUBAS will have their tickets taped to the side of their uniform cart. If a marcher's hat box is not in it's proper cubby their tickets will also be taped to the side of the cart. Guard will have tickets distributed to them. If there are any problems with tickets on game night, please see an adult at the pre-order table  (beneath the home bleachers).


Questions can be directed to Leissa Hartlage at




(Vicki Feltman)


We will not distribute room keys unless you and all of your roommates come as a group to pick up keys after we arrive at the Embassy Suites.  It would be to your advantage to look up everyone in your room to make sure you all hook up when we arrive.




(Vicki Feltman)


The WBA State Championships take place November 17-18.


I need rooming information for the trip now.


We will be staying at the Radisson in downtown Fresno on Saturday, November 17th, for one night.  We return after finals on Sunday, November 18th There will be FOUR students per room.


I need you students to talk to your friends and EMAIL ME your rooming lists.  FOUR to a room, please. Make sure you and 3 friends are the SAME GENDER, meaning, if someone thinks it’s funny to put a boy in a girl’s room, I’ll smile at the silliness, and switch everybody into different rooms! J


It would work to your advantage if you make sure you have a full group of FOUR bodies in your room, because we’ll have to split up incomplete groups to fill up spots. 


Please note, rooming requests will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.  The email that reaches me Friday night will take precedence over someone else requesting the same roommates next Wednesday afternoon.


I need your roommate selections sent to me by next Wednesday, October 17th. I will ASSIGN you to a room if I don’t get input from you.


Please contact me if you have any questions or comments at




(Vicki Feltman)


Parents, we have a few rooms reserved if you are interested in staying at the Radisson, downtown Fresno with the full marching band. Free breakfast is included.


The cost per room is $157.52 for a 1 night stay, November 17th, 2012. Available rooms have a king sized bed and a sleeper sofa in the outer room.  The Radisson currently has no other rooms available. 


Please put a check for $160, made payable to HHSMB, in an envelope with YOUR name and your student’s name.   Deliver the envelope to the box marked ‘Mrs. Feltman’s Mail Box’, located in Mr. Burn’s office, or drop in the mail slot on my garage door at 1150 W. Knickerbocker Dr., Sunnyvale, 94087. Mikey and Toby are on duty again!  Don’t worry about them banging against the garage door.


Your check is due next Wednesday, October 17th. Just a reminder, we have a limited number of rooms, so first come, first serve.


Please contact Vicki Feltman at if you have any questions.





We have many parent volunteers this season who are taking pictures at all of our practices, football games and competitions.  These photos can be accessed for viewing at:



(Connie Viveros)


This year’s Marching Band and Color Guard Home Show is on Saturday November 3rd, starting at 3 PM at the Mustang Field! Along with the fabulous show planned for the day, we will also be featuring several gourmet food trucks serving a variety of fabulous items such as tacos, steak, chicken and desserts! Come out and enjoy this hottest new craze sweeping the Bay Area--GOURMET FOOD TRUCKS!  


Invite your friends, family and neighbors out for an afternoon of performing arts and fabulous food!  

For those of you who are new to HHSMB, this is a wonderful opportunity to invite families, friends, and supporters to come and watch our wonderful 'award-winning' Mighty Mustang Marching Band show! The show will feature a special Senior Recognition presentation, so parents of seniors be sure to attend! 



(Carrie Adelman)


Buy scrip gift cards from Music Boosters and use them like cash at the stores.  The great news is that you get 2.5% scrip credit for your purchases!  Keep buying scrip and build up your scrip credit.  At the end of the year, you can ask for a reimbursement of your band fees or simply apply the credit for next year!  


Order forms can be found at

Send your advance order or questions to the following new email:




(Vicki Feltman)


The band room will be open from 3-6 pm daily during days school is in session.




(No changes from last week)




CALENDAR 2012-2013





Weekly Fall Marching Band Rehearsals


Percussion and

Mondays 8/20 – 11/12

5:30 – 8:30pm



Color Guard



Full Band, including Percussion and Color Guard

Wednesdays 8/22 – 11/14

5:30 – 8:30pm


Brass and Woodwinds

Saturdays 8/25 – 11/17

8:30am – 4:00pm



Saturdays 8/25 – 11/17

9:00am – 5:00pm


8:30am – 4:00pm

Color Guard

Saturdays 8/25 – 11/17

8:30am – 4:00pm


8:30am – 4:00pm




Fall marching band –performances

AQ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          10/13              Cupertino Tournament of Bands @ Cupertino HS

10/18              49er v. Seahawks half-time performance

10/19              Homecoming

10/20              WBA competition in Dublin

10/26-10/29  Bands of America West Regional Championship and performance in


11/2                Football home game v. Wilcox

11/3                Home Show

11/10              WBA show at James Logan HS

11/17-11/18  WBA Championships in Fresno

11/25              Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade



12/6                Winter Choir Concert, Homestead Auditorium

12/12              Winter Pops Concert, Homestead Auditorium

12/13              Winter Jazz Concert, Homestead Auditorium

1/11 – 1/13    County Honor Band, Saratoga High School

1/26                Winter Guard Show, Homestead Gym

2/7                   Concert Band Exchange Festival, Homestead Auditorium

2/8                   Homestead Orchestra Festival, Homestead Auditorium

3/8-3/9                        Wind Ensemble, Sonoma State

3/15                Santa Cruz Jazz Festival

3/22-3/23       CMEA Band and Orchestra Festivals, Saratoga High School

4/26-4/27       Reno Jazz Festival

5/8                   Concert Band and Symphonic Band performances, Homestead


5/9                   Wind Ensemble and Orchestra performances, Homestead


5/15                Spring Choir Concert, Homestead Auditorium

5/16                Spring Jazz Concert, Homestead Auditorium

6/6                   GRADUATION