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09-18 HHSMB Blast Sept 18


September 18, 2012


We are in desperate need of a BBQ Coordinator.  As a sub-chair under General Concessions, your job will be to oversee the BBQ Grill Cooks/Servers, and meat slicer.  Our menu consists of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, polish dogs, and prime rib sandwiches. Prior to games, you'll plan the order quantities and secure their purchase and delivery before games. During the game you'll guide your volunteers on when to put orders on the grill and how to wrap orders to be distributed by the snack shack volunteers. You'll also monitor the condiment table. Our current Chair has a graduating senior, so there's no better time to jump in and learn the ropes of this very important and equally rewarding job.  Please contact Eileen Chun at webchun@gmail.comfor additional details.




-       Tomorrow’s Back-To-School-Night schedule

-       Information regarding Friday’s football game

-       Concession pre-order form due Wednesday

-       Volunteer needs for Friday’s football game –

-       Room assignments for Disneyland trip due Wednesday

-       Limited number of rooms for parents available for Disneyland trip –

     form due this Friday

-       Last chance to order 2011/2012 season DVDs

-       Pep jackets ready for pickup this Friday, 2:15 – 3:30



-       CMEA Solo Ensemble signups due September 28th

-       Information about feeder school tour on October 1st

-       Competition meals for parents

-       Volunteers needed to help with food at away competitions

-       Scrip news

-       Band Room availability

-       2012/2013 Music Department Calendar




Wednesday, September 19th  

                Students to email Vicki Feltman with roommate requests

                Student Concession Pre-Order forms are due by 8:30pm

    4:30 – 6:30pm – Baked potato sale

    5:30 – 8:30pm – Full Band practice, including Percussion and Color Guard**

                8:15-8:45pm – Scrip sales next to staff parking lot

                8:30pm - Sale of gloves, wrist bands and hair nets next to staff parking lot

                        Distribution of remaining marching shoes and pep shirts

Friday, September 21st

                Parent reservation form for Disneyland trip is due

    2:15 – 3:30pm – Distribution of pep jackets next to staff parking lot

    2:15-3:15pm – Scrip sales in front of band room

                5:30pm – Marchers to meet in band quad to change into uniform

                7:30pm – HHS v. Fremont. Band will perform Poseidon’s Dream at half-time,

                        and must stay through 4th quarter.

Saturday, September 22nd

                8:30am-4:00pm – Woodwind and Brass rehearsal

                8:30am-4:00pm - Color Guard rehearsal**

    9:00am-5:00pm – Percussion rehearsal**

Monday, September 24th

                5:30 – 8:30pm – Percussion rehearsal**

                5:30 – 8:30pm - Color Guard rehearsal**

Wednesday, September 26th   

                5:30 – 8:30 – Full Band practice, including Percussion and Color Guard**

                8:15-8:45pm – Scrip sales next to staff parking lot


** Practice times subject to change.  Please check your emails.






(Vicki Feltman)


Full marching band practice 5:30-8:30 pm as usual.


Music Boosters will be selling Baked Potatoes 4:30-6:30 pm.  We will offer a Meal Deal for $7, which gives you a baked potato, a drink, and a cookie.


Parents, eat a yummy meal and come listen to Mr. Burn, Mr. Weingartner, and Dr. Morton talk about your student’s music classes.





(Vicki Feltman)


Reminder: Friday’s football game is mandatory.  Please contact Mr. Burn immediately by email if your child will be late or absent.


5:30 p.m. Full Band meets in band quad with instruments (band room will not be available), gloves, shoe bag with CLEAN shoes and CLEAN black socks.  Please remember to wear a shirt with short sleeves (NO TANK TOPS).   Also, remember to wear your boxer shorts.  The uniform carts with your hats and garment bags will be out and ready when you arrive.  Hair must be under control.  If your hair is long enough to touch your collar, be prepared to wear hair nets, hair pins, and hair ties.   If you do not bring the right materials to keep your hair up, Mrs. Edmonds and Mrs. Richards have these items for sale for $1.


Get in uniform; uniform carts will be set up outside, where everyone will change.  Take care of any uniform issues before warm-ups!! Look for Mrs. Richards and other uniform moms to help you. 


Leave your instrument cases between the uniform carts and Mr. Burn’s window.  Tubas and percussion leave cases against art building.

6:00 p.m.  Warm up/Pep band music rehearsal

6:55 p.m. March into stadium -- Pre-game concert on the track

7:25 p.m. Traditional pre-game show

7:30 p.m. (approximately) - game begins.

  • During the game, the band sits in their sections in full uniform, and plays pep band music.
  • No eating or drinking, except water, while in uniform.
  • The entire band stands up when we play.
  • Four minutes before half-time the band prepares for the half-time show.
  • Half time: the band performs Poseidon’s Dream!
  • After the half-time show, you will go back to the uniform carts and change out of your uniforms, and put on pep band shirt, jacket and jeans.  Return your hat to its box, your marching shoes to the shoe bag, and your uniform jacket and pants (NEATLY HUNG) to the garment bag.  Hang the uniforms on the carts.
  • 3rd quarter: return to stadium, get some food, and bring your food to the band area of the bleachers.
  • 4th quarter: ALL band members must attend 4th quarter.   When the band is playing, everyone needs to be playing (not eating or talking). You must be with your section (flutes, clarinets, altos, etc.) when in the stands. We will play one or two songs after the game ends, and then you’re dismissed. (sometime between 9:30 and 10:30 pm)
  • TAKE ALL YOUR STUFF HOME WITH YOU, leaving no personal property or garbage behind!  (Uniforms and hats stay on the carts.)


Pre-order tickets – you will find them in your hat boxes after half-time.  Tuba and Pit will find their tickets taped to the front of their uniform cart.  Color Guard pre-order tickets will be distributed by a Color Guard parent. 




(Leissa Hartlage)


Time to get those forms in for the September 21st game!  The deadline for concession pre-order forms is Wednesday, September 19th at 8:30PM.


If you would like to order food from concession stand to eat after the half-time performance, please visit the HHSMB website at, go to the Forms page and download the Concession Pre-Order Form.


Please return the completed Concession Pre-Order Form, along with a check, to

Ms. Vicki Feltman’s box.  You may place an order for one or more football games at any time.


Questions can be directed to Leissa Hartlage at


**Please note – Pick-up for all concession pre-orders (except root beer floats) will be at the gate underneath the bleachers.  Pick-up for root beer floats will be at the snack shack.




(Eileen Chun)


Please sign up to help out at

Potato Baking   10:00 am - 12:00 pm (5)
**BBQ Serve 3:30-5      (1)
Signage 3:30-5  (1)
BBQ Cook 5-7:30 (2)
BBQ Serve 5-7:30 (2)
**Nachos Serve 5-7:30 (2)
Potato Serve 5-7:30 (1)
Snack Shack 5-7:30 (8)
BBQ Cook 6-8 (1)
Uniforms 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm (2)
Bleachers 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm (1)
**BBQ Cook 7:30-10 (2)
**BBQ Meat Slicer 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm (1)
Nachos Serve 7:30-10 (1)
**Potatoes Serve 7:30-10 (7)
Snack Shack 7:30-10 (8)
PreOrders 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm (1)




(Vicki Feltman)


Reminder to full marching band… your rooming lists are due to me (Vicki Feltman) by TOMORROW… WEDNESDAY, SEPT 19TH.   I will ASSIGN you to a room if I don’t get input from you.


TALK to your friends BEFORE sending me your list.  Never assume your friends want to be in the same room as you for this trip.    EMAIL ME your rooming lists.  Six to a room, please. Make sure you and 5 friends are the SAME GENDER, meaning, if someone thinks it’s funny to put a boy in a girl’s room, I’ll smile at the silliness, and switch everybody into different rooms! J


It would work to your advantage if you make sure you have a full group of SIX bodies in your room, because we’ll have to split up incomplete groups to fill up spots. 


Please note, rooming requests will be considered on a first come, first serve basis. 


Please contact me if you have any questions or comments at




(Vicki Feltman)


Parents, we have a few rooms reserved if you are interested in staying at the Embassy Suites Santa Ana with the full marching band.  Free breakfast is included.


The cost per room is $400 for 3 nights stay, October 26-29, 2012.  If you want a 1-day Park Hopper Pass, we can get them for you for $81 each.


Please complete the BOA PARENT LODGING/DISNEY TICKET form (located below the Competition Meal Form at the bottom of this Blast and also located on the music booster website,, staple a check to it, made payable to HHSMB, and return to the box marked “Mrs. Feltman’s Mail Box”, located in Mr. Burn’s office, or drop in the mail slot on my garage door at 1150 W. Knickerbocker Dr., Sunnyvale, 94087.  It’s still my house, even though it has a Pending Sale sign on it.


Your check and forms are due this Friday, September 21st.  Just a reminder, we have a limited number of rooms, so first come, first serve.


Please contact Vicki Feltman at if you have any questions.




(Carl Gutekunst)

Orders for last season's DVDs are being sent to the duplicator this week, including Marching Band, Winter Pops, Winter Choirs, Spring Festivals (CMEA), and the Spring Concerts series. If you would like one of these discs and didn't pre-order last Spring, please contact Ellen Yu at before Friday, September 28. Download the order form from the Music Program website:




(Angela Richards)


Pep jackets can be picked up this Friday, between 2:15 – 3:30pm at the curb of the staff parking lot.






(Mr. Burn)


Please note, The CMEA Solo Ensemble Festival date has not been published yet.  We believe there will be festivals at SJSU on March 2, 2013 and March 16th, 2013.   Please keep these weekends free until we can confirm the actual date.


Homestead students are STRONGLY encouraged to participate.   If you would like to perform a solo, or get together a small ensemble, then take a Solo Ensemble Festival form from the document sorter, or download from the music booster website at Complete the form, staple a check for $25 for each solo/ensemble and leave in the box marked “Mrs. Feltman’s Mailbox” located in Mr. Burn’s office.


All forms and payment are due Friday, September 28th.  


Contact Mr Burn at or see him if you have questions about CMEA Solo Ensemble Festival.




(Vicki Feltman)


Please help us as we travel to HHS feeder schools and perform for our young audiences.


Our band and guard students get to perform in front of their siblings, younger friends, and favorite teachers.   They will be a positive influence on young musicians and guard who might decide to continue playing their instrument or twirling that flag.


WE CAN USE ALL THE HELP WE CAN, to unload equipment and help students move them in place.  We have a very limited number of minutes between performance sites, and really need to get things set up and quickly.  Then we have to pack it all up, load up the truck/trailers again, and go on to the next site.  Bring your neighbors and friends!  The more hands, the better!  Carpool from site to site, or meet us at one particular site.  Join in the fun!  Wear your Homestead Green!  The following is the tentative schedule for the Feeder School Tour:



6:45 am   load truck – pit, drum line, tuba students are required to be there


7:15 am   load busses (normal bus check in rules apply; you need a name label before you can get on a bus),

               go to Nimitz/set up on their field and warm up


8:00 am   perform at Nimitz Elementary 


8:15 am   load busses/go to SMS/ set up on their field


8:30 am  warm ups


10:00 am brunch snack


10:30 am perform at SMS


10:45 am load busses/go to West Valley / set up on their field


11:50 am perform at West Valley


12:10 pm load busses/go to Cupertino MS / set up on their blacktop


12:35 pm perform at Cupertino


12:50 pm load busses/go to Brunswick Bowling parking lot

            bring money for lunch or bring a bag lunch


1:35 pm load busses/go to Montclaire / set up on their field


2:15 pm perform at Montclaire


2:30 pm load busses/go to Homestead – UNLOAD INSTRUMENTS




(DeeDee Wong)


If you're planning on joining us at competitions, we are offering parent meal plans at all of the competitions.  These are the same meals we are serving the Marching Band/Colorguard.  For parents who are planning on volunteering at these events, it's the way to go! There will be 4 away competitions and one FUHSD Expo (total of 8 meals).

The deadline for the submission of the form (found at the end of this email) is Friday, September 28rd.  Please contact DeeDee Wong at 408-245-4239 or with any questions.




(DeeDee Wong)


Plan on seeing the Marching Band perform at the following Competitions and Expo? Then come on out and help feed the hungry Marchers & Colorguard Members at their competitions?  There will only be a short window of time to feed 240 students and the more help we have, the quicker they can get dressed for rehearsals.  It's a great opportunity to meet more Band Parents and get to know the students.  Feel free to volunteer at one, a few, or all of the meals.  For volunteering opportunities, call DeeDee Wong @ 408-245-4239


10/6/                FUHSD Expo, Homestead High School (dinner)

10/20               WBA Dublin (dinner)

10/26 - 10/29   Bands of America West Regional/Disneyland (Sat. lunch, Sat. dinner)

11/10               WBA Logan High School (dinner)  

11/17 - 11/18   WBA Championships, Fresno (Sat. dinner, Sun. lunch, Sun. dinner) 




(Carrie Adelman)


Buy scrip gift cards from Music Boosters and use them like cash at the stores.  The great news is that you get 2.5% scrip credit for your purchases!  Keep buying scrip and build up your scrip credit.  At the end of the year, you can ask for a reimbursement of your band fees or simply apply the credit for next year!  

Send your advance order or questions to the following new email:




(Vicki Feltman)


The band room will be open from  3-6 pm daily during days school is in session.



(No changes from last week)




CALENDAR 2012-2013





Weekly Fall Marching Band Rehearsals



Percussion and

Mondays 8/20 – 11/12

5:30 – 8:30pm



Color Guard




Full Band, including Percussion and Color Guard

Wednesdays 8/22 – 11/14

5:30 – 8:30pm


Brass and Woodwinds

Saturdays 8/25 – 11/10

8:30am – 4:00pm



Saturdays 8/25 – 11/10

9:00am – 5:00pm


8:30am – 4:00pm

Color Guard

Saturdays 8/25 – 11/10

8:30am – 4:00pm


8:30am – 4:00pm





Fall marching band –performances

9/21                Football home game v. Fremont

10/1                Feeder school tour

10/5                Football home game v. Palo Alto

10/6                District Expo at Homestead HS

10/13              Cupertino Tournament of Bands @ Cupertino HS

10/18              49er v. Seahawks half-time performance

10/19              Homecoming

10/20              WBA competition in Dublin

10/26-10/29  Bands of America West Regional Championship and performance in


11/2                Football home game v. Wilcox

11/3                Home Show

11/10              WBA show at James Logan HS

11/17-11/18  WBA Championships in Fresno

11/25              Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade



12/6                Winter Choir Concert, Homestead Auditorium

12/12              Winter Pops Concert, Homestead Auditorium

12/13              Winter Jazz Concert, Homestead Auditorium

1/11 – 1/13    County Honor Band, Saratoga High School

1/26                Winter Guard Show, Homestead Gym

2/7                   Concert Band Exchange Festival, Homestead Auditorium

2/8                   Homestead Orchestra Festival, Homestead Auditorium

3/8-3/9                        Wind Ensemble, Sonoma State

3/15                Santa Cruz Jazz Festival

3/22-3/23       CMEA Band and Orchestra Festivals, Saratoga High School

4/26-4/27       Reno Jazz Festival

5/8                   Concert Band and Symphonic Band performances, Homestead


5/9                   Wind Ensemble and Orchestra performances, Homestead


5/15                Spring Choir Concert, Homestead Auditorium

5/16                Spring Jazz Concert, Homestead Auditorium

6/6                   GRADUATION




Homestead Marching Band Field Show Meals 2012


If you are planning to volunteer at our band competitions, we are offering a meal plan for you to purchase.  The cost is $80 per person for 8 meals and covers all 4 competitions.  These are the same meals we are serving the Marching Band/Colorguard.


Make checks payable to HHSMB.  Forms may be returned to Vicki Feltman's box in Mr. Burn's office or mailed to:


DeeDee Wong        

1313 Belleville Way

Sunnyvale, CA 94087. 



Please print clearly


Name: ____________________________________________________


Email: ____________________________________________________


Phone Number: ____________________________________________



Check for Vegetarian Meal:   _____



Field Show Competitions/Expo:


10/6/12                FUHSD Expo, Homestead High School (dinner)

10/20/12              WBA Competition, Dublin (dinner)

10/26 - 10/29/12  Bands of America West Regional/Disneyland (Sat. lunch, Sat. dinner)

11/10/12              WBA, Logan High School (dinner)

11/17 - 11/18/12  WBA Championships, Fresno (Sat. dinner, Sun. lunch, Sun. dinner)








OCTOBER 26-29, 2012



Parents, we have a few rooms reserved if you are interested in staying at the Embassy Suites Santa Ana with the full marching band.  Free breakfast is included.


The cost per room is $400 for 3 nights stay, October 26-29, 2012.  If you want a 1-day Park Hopper Pass, we can get them for you for $81 each.


Please complete this form, staple a check to it, made payable to HHSMB, and return to the box marked ‘Mrs. Feltman’s Mail Box’, located in Mr. Burn’s office, or drop in the mail slot on my garage door at 1150 W. Knickerbocker Dr., Sunnyvale, 94087.  It’s still my house, even though it has a Pending Sale sign on it.


Your check and form are due this Friday, September 21st.


Please contact Vicki Feltman at if you have any questions.


Parent Name (PLEASE PRINT)_______________________________________




City_____________________Zip___________Phone #_____________________



Family e-mail (please print clearly)____________________________________


Number of rooms ____  x $400 per room =  ______________________


Number of Disney 1-Day Park Hopper tickets _____ x $81 per ticket = ____________



Total enclosed =   __________________