Unfortunately we currently lack a green advocate so the progress that was made has stalled. If interested in advancing this cause, please send an email to volunteer@homestead-music.org thanks!

Many of the activities organized by the Music Booster generate a fair amount of garbage. HHSMB recognizes this, and has a traditional commitment to managing this waste and acting responsibly. Since 2006, the HHSMB has been proud to support a group focusing on waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. The activities of our official Garbage Busters include:

  • Tallying our garbage so that we are aware of and can address our impact.

  • Separating recyclables at practically all activities, so as to reduce actual "land-fill" garbage.

  • Coordinating with each venue we visit. This often eliminates the need to transport materials, and has the added benefit of demonstrating our awareness.

  • Coordinating with students' activities, guiding toward activities of lower waste.

  • Always considering new ways to Bust that Garbage.

The Music Boosters realize that we could not have such a prestigious music program at Homestead without the activities that support it. At the same time we recognize our responsibility to the environment. HHSMB accepts this responsibility and looks for opportunities to keep the Fastest Band in the West one of the Greenest.