Fundraising Information

Scrip Program
You may have noticed many references to "scrip accounts". The Scrip Program helps students defray the cost of participating in the music program. An individual (or family) scrip account is opened when you purchase scrip or receive eScrip rebates for the first time (or receive other fundraising credits). A percent of the proceeds from your scrip and eScrip purchases go into your account and the remainder to the Music Boosters (which benefits all students). Last year, the scrip program accounted for greater than 33% of the Music Booster's fund raising efforts.

The credits in your scrip account can be used to pay the expenses associated with competitions and department field trips. These credits cannot be used for contributions towards uniforms and instruments or for membership. Mr. Burn and Dr. Morton keep updated lists of the scrip account balances in their offices for your student to check. Or you can email Chuck McDowell or Kelly Giannini to check your balance.

"Paper" Scrip
The Music Boosters sell scrip, or gift cards/certificates, for many local and online merchants. Two and one half (2 ½)% of the face value of "paper" scrip purchases goes directly your student's scrip account.

Scrip can be purchased from a Scrip Team Member every Friday after 6th and 7th periods (usually from 2:10 PM to 3:20 PM) in or just outside the Band Room year-round or at the end of Wednesday and Saturday marching practices (Aug. – Nov.). A list of participating merchants is available. Need more info? Contact Suzanna Pedersen or Susie Schmitz.

eScrip is an electronic scrip program that allows direct purchase of merchandise at participating businesses. A portion of the purchase price is refunded to the Music Boosters via eScrip, which electronically tracks purchase amounts. Electronic scrip is very convenient to use, and costs nothing to join.

Sixty percent (60%) of the eScrip refund received by the Music Boosters is credited to the students scrip account and the remaining 40% goes to the Music Boosters (again which benefits all students)
You may register online at using our group ID#, which is 137634941. Once you have registered, please e-mail Chuck McDowell or Suzanna Pedersen to let us know who registered and which student you want credited. Also, if you have friends and/or relatives interested in joining eScrip, they can allocate their portion of the refund to your student's account. See for a complete listings of merchants.

Vanguard Bingo
Adult family members and friends can volunteer at the Santa Clara Vanguard Bingo nights. For each night you volunteer, you will earn $51 to your Scrip account. Additional information can be forward on the Music Booster website.

Corporate Matching Donations
When making a donation to Music Boosters, please check to see if your company offers matching funds of your donations. Some companies even monetize your volunteer hours. Be sure to check if your company offers this benefit. You'd be amazed at how quickly this can add up! This little known resource can really make a difference to the Music Boosters and the entire music program! For more information, contact Kelly Giannini.

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