Fall 2014 Marching Season Expense Breakdown

The First Fall Season 2014 payment is due July 1st

Music Booster Membership
Music Booster Membership is optional, yet joining supports the entire Music Program at Homestead. Without your membership dues, our students would not have many of the daily items we assume are provided by the school district or state. We all know that funding is tight. Joining is just one way you can guarantee that your money supports the intended purpose.

Competition Field Trips
The field trips expenses cover all aspects associated with creating and performing our field show at competitions. The expenses include renting buses and trucks, hauling trailers of uniforms and musical instruments, and providing meals and hotel rooms for the overnight trips.

For the 2014 season, the Competition field trip fee is $1,275 per student.  This is payable in a single payment, or in two installments:  $675 due by July 1, and the remaining $600 due by Sept.1st.

The student and parent(s) agree to pay a tax-deductible contribution of $100 for uniform alterations, cleaning, repair and wear.

Financial Aid Policy
It is the intention of the music department faculty and Music Boosters that no student be excluded from participating in the music department activities for financial reasons. Requests for financial aid, including extended payment plans, should be made to Homestead High School Music Boosters Treasurer, Kelly Giannini by Thursday, June 13, 2014.

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